Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Update

Hey what do you know? It's Friday already! Phew! Two midterms down. So today the updates are...

Full Moon Episode 38
Mahoraba Episode 5

Just a reminder about the new anime schedule. Starting September 26, all anime updates will occur on Monday and Thursday. See, I even added it to the new "Ani-Pock Anime" page!

Oh and for those that enjoyed the "Hoy te amo" flash, I uploaded a short piece by Vinnie called "Strength Test".

Quote of the day goes to the infinitely cool Teenlink: "POCKY!! GIRLS ARE CONFUSING!!"

And the Berkeley rambling this week... Below is a image I put together for a photo contest. The top prize is a Apple iBook! The contest is to show how Apple products go with Cal. So thats one I submitted.

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