Thursday, April 27, 2006

Draw board updated

Hi all,

Added a "Artists Board" so artists can work in peace knowing their art is safe. The way it works is:

- Random people have only view access
- Need to be checked into draw.

Currently only a few people know the password to be checked in. Please contact me at pockyrevolution [at] if you would like it. I'm still figuring out a limit to the number of artists sharing one board... I may be creating boards for indivuduals or pairs.

**Also, if you missed last times update, live streaming JPOP via Kawaii-Radio was added!

Try it now! To the drawing board >>

Monday, April 24, 2006


Hey guys!

Added something to Ani-Pock Express...

Live JPoP radio! Its right above the LiveChat. Just hit the little play button!

Try it now! ->>> Go to Ani-Pock Express

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Hi guys,

Thanks for the comments on the post below. I will answer to them shortly by leaving a comment in that post.

Just wanted to post the fixed link for GunBuster 2 OVA link:

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Hi all,

Glad to see the cool people are sticking to the draw board (type , which will automatically redirect you to the refuge point)

As for Gunbuster 2, I'm aware that Videoh requires you download a client. I wish I could upload the file somewhere else that didn't require a sign up, but nothing comes free. I haven't heard of anything bad of Videoh though. I think you can trust their software.

I uploaded all 100MB of that episode on videoh for you all...registration is pretty fast.

Beyond that, I currently don't have enough time to scope out new hosing services to put up the other anime. They will just have to wait. (Sorry Pita Ten and Rizelmine fans)

Pockers - I will be emailing you soon about the next gen Ani-Pock.
All others - no time frame on the launch of that version. I really want to spend a good deal of time designing it, so that it can have a webspan life of approximately 5 years. There are lots of features to add, things to fix (make more efficient) and so on, so please be patient.

Since it could take a very long time between now and the next version, all you need to remember is the address: . I'll always have this domain, and I can easily change it to redirect to different locations.

Currently it redirects to a copy of the drawing board hosted on my school account. At least you can still chat and draw together!

Pocky Over and Out! (oh how I miss saying that!)

Monday, April 17, 2006

GunBuster 2 OVA episode 4

GunBuster 2 OVA episode 4

Then click on "Get Entire Video"


Site is down till May 1...

This is the end of something great---
But the beginning of something greater.

Latest site news will be posted here.

If you want to be on the design team for Ani-Pock 2, send an email to


Sunday, April 16, 2006 chat temporary home

draw board w/Live Chat new location:

It's happened - Site offline

Looks like its happened. The bandwidth limit was exceeded. The site will not be accessible until May 1st.

I will probably take this opertunity to relaunch the entire site.

More tonight. Stay tuned.

The chatroom that was on the drawing board is mirrored here. Look on the right side bar now.


PS if you are looking for the forums:

What a bad Easter holiday huh? =(

Important Ani-Pock site news




1. Is the site shutting down?

A: I certainly hope not. Anime has been temporarily removed as the website hosting provider for Ani-Pock has new limits on transfer/bandwidth. If the monthly limit is exceeded, all related services (except for this blog and the forums) will be shut down. Anime downloads are the largest source of transfer/bandwidth currently.

Only the anime section will be disabled until a solution for hosting the anime files is found.

2. What will I see if the bandwidth is exceeded?

A: You will not be able to reach any pages related to Ani-Pock, except for the forums and this blog. Ani-Pock would not be accessible again until the next mid-month day or start of the next month. That is why I recommend you write down the address for this blog, as latest news in the event of an outage will be posted here (The blog is on a different server than Ani-Pock).

3. So is the end?

A: I hope not. But I have a lot of time ahead of me and eventually will need to move on to bigger and better things. That means, a whole new, bigger, better, funn-er Ani-Pock could relaunch some day.

But remember! I have no intention of closing the site now! I am only writing this message in response to changes made by's hosting provider.

All services will continue to function except for Anime.

I will make another post tonight or tomorrow concerning where people can watch the rest of the anime series if Ani-Pock will be unable to show them.


SU Update: This Past Week of Japan in Photos!

This Past Week of Japan in Photos!

For more information on these stories, visit Mainichi News!

Koi-nobori carp streamers flutter in the spring breeze in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Saturday in preparation for Children's Day next month. (Mainichi)
Some more information of Children's Day via

May 5 is Children's Day, when families celebrate the healthy growth and happiness of children. It became a national holiday in 1948, but it has been a day of celebration in Japan since ancient times.
On Children's Day, families with boys fly huge carp-shaped streamers (koinobori) outside the house and display dolls of famous warriors and other heroes inside. The carp was chosen because it symbolizes strength and success; according to a Chinese legend, a carp swam upstream to become a dragon.
At the National Kasumigaoka Stadium in Tokyo, tens of thousands of children and their parents participate in a "Kids' Olympics." It has the look and feel of the real thing, since the National Kasumigaoka Stadium was the main arena for the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo. It even features a torch relay, and there are races for parents and kids in different age groups.

Ayaka Sahara of Japan performs her floor routine during the first day of the Pacific Alliance Gymnastics Championships in Honolulu. (AP)

An ornately decorated float is pulled through the streets of the old quarter of Takayama, Gifu Prefecture, at the beginning of the spring Takayama Matsuri (festival) on Friday. (Mainichi)

Multi-colored tulips surround Furusato Plaza in Sakura City, Chiba Prefecture, on April 13. (Mainichi)

Yokohama’s traditional Red Brick Warehouses are decorated with around 2,000 streamers strewn from the balconies. The ceremony on April 12, 2006, was held to mark the 95th anniversary of its foundation at the end of the Meiji Period. (Mainichi)

The container ship Eastern Challenger, which foundered after colliding with the freighter Tsugara Maru and taking on water. The collision occurred Thursday in the waters around Tateyama, Chiba Prefecture. Photo courtesy of the Japan Coast Guard.
For more information on these stories, visit Mainichi News!

Pocky's JapanWindow Picks

Now for some photos from
JapanWindow is a weekly Photoblog by a fellow named Andy Gray! I've chosen some of his shots to display below:

Andy's comment:

I was in Okutama this past weekend near Sawai Station. What a beautiful place! The Tama River is amazing. The water is snow melt, so it's clean and crystal clear. People were fishing for trout (and catching them, but it'll be better in June they say). Others were kayaking. Most people just got off the train and sipped tea in garden cafes that only open up on weekends.

Andy's comment:

A vendor offers a sample chestnut without success.
Anyone know what the sign says??

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

TH Update - Anime update, New flash added!

Ani-Pock Anime Update - New Episodes every Monday and Thursday!

Episode 14
Gunbuster OVA
Episode 3
Pita Ten
Episode 16

Site News: New Flash animation added!

But First, I ask that you help Grow Ani-Pock!

If you like our website, please rate it at

Vote now!(Only takes 1.2 seconds! onegai~)

"Shoo Fly" - Watch Now

While a short piece, the animation quality is very solid, and furthermore, the sychronization to music is perfect!

Authors comment:

Anyhow, Shoo Fly is a work of "Mickey Mousing" (Google the term, my friends) to the One Piece OST track "Ichijya Tetai" ("One Hour Evacuation"). It follows a woman I call Nelly as she deals with an unwelcome fly. And that's about it. There's not much of a story to summarize.

Shoo Fly has the most intense frame by frame animation I've ever made, and as a result, I'm very tired of drawing Nelly. Tired of drawing, period. This experience has reinforced my decision to not pursue animation as a profession (maybe character design is more to my liking...). My mouse's left-click button is now a different color from the right-click button.

And before I leave you, check out this very happy dog! (Yes, its is a real dog! NOT a doll!)

And another shot:

WE Post That is NOT 2 Senteces Long! (by CP!)

Hi guys! It's CP again! ^^
I now go by 3 other names, figure 'em out yourselves!

There's a couple of things you should know by now (at least).

The little kitty on the corner of the nanaca crash page is clickable, that one in a full collection so look out for more because they are going to start rampaging ani-pock soon enough :3. Each of these little clickables will lead to a surprising end!

About Supporting Ani-pock

If you don't want to lose this anime, these flashes and all this fun stuff. Please support ani-pock by telling all your friends about the site! Also for Windows users, consider switching to Mozilla Firefox©. Its free, faster and alot safer than Internet Explorer!! It also rendres this website better! Ani-pock, while fun, is an expensive thing to keep up!

Texas Cosplays!

Time for some good old-fashion cosplay! Grab your Naruto headband or kunai. These people speciallize in cosplays. And they'd like to share with you the amazing productions of These are very fun videos you might enjoy to watch, over, and over again. (one in particular has a slight PG rating).

This is a japanese robot. A tea serving one at that!
Freaky looking eh?
Yeah, well it is!

This is a robot that helps the elderly.
Note: this one's not freaky-looking ^^

So there you have it, cosplay team and two helpful robots! So now I'll say it.

CP over and out ^^.

Pocky's Note:

Hey thanks CP! And check out this drawing CP made last night:

And now some art by you guys on the drawing board!

Go to the Drawing Board w/LiveChat Now!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TU Update - Video: Godzilla versus everyone else

Okay guys, since this is the Japan Weblog, it is only fitting that should I,Pocky, come across a video with Godzillia in it, I must share it.

So behold, Godzilla versus everyone else in...

"The Ultimate Showdown!"


Some Godzilla "Facts":

- His iconic design (a charcoal-colored monster-like figure with small pointed ears, rough bumpy scales, powerful tail, and bony colored dorsal fins shaped like maple leaves).

-He is virtually indestructible, highly resistant to all modern weaponry.

-He can release a powerful atomic energy beam, usually blue but in some films red, from his mouth (which is ominously signalled when his dorsal fins glow/flash in the same color as the atomic beam). (Wikipedia)

Some Cool Godzilla pictures!

Monday, April 10, 2006

M Update - Anime update, new Site Features!

Ani-Pock Anime Update - New Episodes every Monday and Thursday!

Rizelmine Episode 12

GunBuster Episode 2Pita Ten Episode 15

Site News: New Side Bar, LiveChat on Drawing updated

Hello! The side bar on the weblog (You are here!) has been superfied!
Side Bar Features:

- LiveChat (shared room with Drawing Board!)

- Get FireFox button (Please do because the weblog does not render correctly under Internet Explorer, plus using FireFox helps support Ani-Pock!

- FlipBook (Sample of art drawn on site)

- Japan Pictures - Yummy food pics right now!

- Japan Headlines - Keep up with the news!

- Latest gadgets - Check out that $8 MP3 player! (No, I don't get any revnue from this, this is just for you to know the latest gadgets.)

NOTE: To see the side bar, you must be on the Front Page of the Weblog!

And the Drawing Board has a new chat system! No waiting time!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

SA (mini update) - FT Robot

Note: If you are looking for the Nanaca Crash XBox announcement, click here.

Mini Post today! It's a robot! Its small! Its Cute! What is it? (I mean she?)

Takahashi-san, of Kyoto’s Robot Garage, is already famous worldwide as the creator of a series of high performance, and beautifully styled male robots including Chroino and Manoi. So what could he do to top that? Simple. How about a female robot that not only looks great, but also walks and moves just like a woman?

Takahashi’s latest creation has been dubbed “FT”, standing for female type, and no connection with the Financial Times out of the U.K.


What we do know is that the robot stands 35 centimeters tall, weighs about 800 grams, and has 23 degrees of freedom. The robots design incorporates the use of two separate gyrosensors. The robots basic structure is composed of advanced carbon fiber and plastic. On board power is supplied by a lithium polymer battery. (Robot-Dreams)

To counter the instability resulting from FT's slim-line figure, Robo Garage installed two sensors inside the robot that detect if it's starting to lean.

When activated, the sensors stop FT moving so that it can regain its balance.
Robo Garage got FT walking smoothly by extending its knees, and programmed it to walk and turn like a fashion model.

FT took 13 months to build and cost several million yen. (Mainichi)

It is very small by the way:

Update2!: Better video here!

Update: Video of walking can be found here!

You may also want to visit the creator's website for his other robots. Here are only a few samples below:

Friday, April 07, 2006

FR Update - This Past week of Japan in Photos

Note: If you are looking for the Nanaca Crash XBox announcement, click here.

This Past week of Japan in Photos

> For more information on these stories, go to Mainichi Daily News!

A first-year elementary schoolgirl waves as she crosses a street holding hands with Tokyo metropolitan police commissioner Tetsuro Ito on Thursday, the first day of a nationwide spring traffic safety campaign. Ito greeted 71 new first-year students at the entrance ceremony of an elementary school in Tokyo's Taito-ku the same day, joining with others to teach the children traffic safety rules. The police safety campaign will run until April 15. (Mainichi)

Japanese mountaineer Ken Noguchi, left, looks on at a demonstration of HAL, or the "Hybrid Assistive Limb" during a news conference by Japanese quadriplegic Seiji Uchida and his support organization With Dreams members in Tokyo Monday, March 20, 2006. Uchida, 43, who was left paralyzed from the neck down after a traffic accident announced his plan to ascend the peak of a Swiss mountain by riding piggyback on Noguchi, who will get some extra muscle from the HAL robot suit, developed by Tsukuba University engineering professor Yoshiyuki Sankai. The HAL demonstrators are unidentified. (AP)

A woman battles with gusty winds as she walks by a bridge connecting skyscrapers at Tokyo's newly developed Shiodome business district on Monday, April 3, 2006. The Meteorological Agency issued a gale warning as annual strong spring winds hit Tokyo. (AP)

Couples enjoy the spectacular sight of blooming cherry trees at Chidorigafuchi in Tokyo. (Mainichi)

Miniature schnauzers wearing sun glasses are seen at the Tokyo Pet Show 2006 in Chiba, east of Tokyo. About 20,000 people are expected to visit the country's largest pet convention which will be held until Sunday. (Reuters)

A test digital broadcast (TV) is shown on a mobile phone during a demonstration at Japan's top mobile company NTT DoCoMo headquarters in Tokyo Monday, March 13, 2006. Digital TV broadcasts called "one seg," short for "one segment" for portable devices specially equipped with receivers are set to start in major urban areas in Japan Saturday, April 1. (AP)

Inger Maleen Bachmann (L), the 24th Hamburg Cherry Blossom Queen, meets Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (C) at the Prime Minister's Official Residence on Wednesday. On the right is the 21st Japan Sakura Blossom Queen, Akiko Miki. (Reuters/Evereet Kennedy Brown/Pool)

Ultraman Mebius, foreground center, the latest hero of Japan's popular Ultra Hero TV series, poses with his family members during a news conference in Tokyo Tuesday, March 28, 2006 to promote the 16th series set to start broadcasting on April 8. The latest series mark the 40th annivesary of the birth of Ultraman, standing in tuxedo foreground right. (AP)

Japanese boy Yusuke Kobayashi, 6, leans to PaPeRo, a robot developed by Japan's electronics maker NEC Corp., to understand what the robot speaks to him during an exhibition at a Tokyo department store on Sunday March 26, 2006. (AP)

> For more information on these stories, go to Mainichi Daily News!

Random Videos

Thursday, April 06, 2006

TH Update - Nanaca Crash coming to XBox, GunBuster 2 Starts!

Two big announcemnets today!

The first is that our favorite game, Nanaca Crash, is coming to the XBox Live platform!! Below is the prouct page on and the cover/package art! Click to make them bigger!!

Can you wait?! I can't!!! Although I need a XBox first :DD

Click here for game screen shots!!

Ok, item number 2 is GunBuster 2 OVA Episode 1 (of 4 or 6) starts today!

Watch GunBuster 2 Episode 1 now!

Finally, here is a little remix I did of the Nintendo Dr.Mario game theme (very old game). CP made the intro tag line thingy!

Update (10:30 am):

This is how it looks when I make a blog entry! I have my iBook dedicated to iChat (AIM) and the main computer (a Dual PowerMac G5) runs everything. This photo was taken for the Pretz entry a while back! :D

Pocky over and out!

Hey I want to see more cool stuff!!

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