Monday, February 27, 2006

New Anime Series Released! Rizelmine!

Well well well! Hasn't it been a busy time at Ani-Pock! Exciting to say the least...

To recap: Last Monday, Pita Ten was launched. Yesterday was the 1st aniversary of Ani-Pock and today, Rizelmine begins!

Please note that Rizelmine is oficially tagged as Mature. But I would have to say this is partly misleeding. ANN tagged it such because it has many suggestive scenes. But as I pointed out in a previous post, its not like TV is any different.

So if you'd like, jump into the anime now!

Otherwise, I have this silly little poll for you =)


Update: Added Rizelmine Theme Music. Just click on the MP3 button on the Rizelmine page.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Ani-Pock!

Can you believe its been a whole year already!! (Actually, it seemed longer, with all the updates XD)

But, wanna see what the place looked like a year ago? Hope you are sitting down... (cuz it looks really bad!!!)

Ok, courtesy of the "Internet Archive Wayback Machine" (Yes the site was that popular from the start!) we have the following pages:

Feb 26, 2005
Feb 27, 2005 <- A day after launch I made it look alot better and added the blue background you see today!

The game itself probably won't work, since the Wayback Machine can't archive EVERYTHING. So yes back then it was JUST Nanaca Crash. But that little game brought people from all over the world here. When I first started tracking hits to the site, it was at 16,000 a day. I can only imagine that the first couple days were even greater (maybe 20,000+ ?). Afterall, today we stand at 2.2+ MILLION ! So ya, one year ago, and still going strong.

Pockyfully yours,


ps - for those interested, the WaybackMachine also made some other random archives of the site which can be found here. The reason there are no more for now is that the waybackmachine takes a long time to archive pages. So it can take 10 months for an archive to appear in some cases they said...

and... a puzzle for you!!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Poll time

Hi guys,

I thought it would be fun to do a poll... since it is the weekend and there's no new anime episodes...

(But Rizelmine IS starting Monday!)

Post poll ideas in the comments.


Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Next Anime Series Announced: Rizelmine !


Hey guys! I've decided the next series will be Rizelmine. This choice was based due to network availability as well as my own expierience. I saw this a while back and throughly enjoyed every moment! That can't be said for Honey & Clover, which I did watch up to the 4th episode- too slow!

Rizelmine is funny, cute and fast moving from the start! I'm sure you'll be hooked from the start. For me, rewatching the series is just as fun as the first time.

Note: I will tag this as "Mature" not because it contains nudity (season two might contain one scene), but because it has scenes which are suggestive. But not that you don't see that everyday on TV. ^_^

Here is the Anime News Network (ANN) plot summary:

Genres: Comedy, Romance
Iwaki Tomonori is an average 15 year old boy, who's world is turned upside-down the day he arrives home to find that the Japanese government has married him against his will to a 12 year old girl named Rizel.

Again thank you to all the suggestions, and without them I would of forgot about this great series!

Rizelmine will begin showing next Monday (Feburary 27th).

Monday, February 20, 2006

Tell your friends about Pita Ten!

Greetings all!

Pita Ten is up and running as promised. Please tell your friends about it as this is the start! Once the episodes are shown, they won't be shown again.... Just point them to Ani-Pock Anime or Pita Ten specifically.

So tune in on time, every Monday and Thursday, and tell your friends too!

Also, I'd like to start a collection of Pita Ten wallpaper. Post direct links to your favorites in the comments and I'll assemble them into a page for Ani-Pock. Thanks!


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Recap: Anime suggestions

Hello all,

Just to recap the suggestions thus far:

D.N.Angel - Licensed
Full Metal Alchemist - Licensed
Honey & Clover - I have to say, after watching the first two episodes, I am not terribly impressed. Although its ratings over at Anime News Network were very, very high. I'll watch another two episodes and decide...
Ichigo 100% - Will look into...
Rozen Maiden - Will look into....
Ichigo Mashimaro - Licensed
King of Bandit Jing - Licensed
Getbackers - Licensed
Fruits Basket - Licensed.
Air - I've watched the first 6 episodes of this series, and I have to say its very slow paced. Very nice artwork, but slow pace...
Sailor Moon: Live Action - Sorry guys, true anime only ^^
Mushishi - Will look into... Reviews on ANN are very positive
Paradise Kiss - Will look into...Reviews on ANN are medium to high.
Full Moon - Sorry, already shown! Maybe in a long time...
Club to Death Angel Dokuro-Chan - Will look into... Reviews are medium
KAMICHU - Will look into... Reviews on ANN very high. Likely candidate
Elfen Lied - Licensed
Tales of Eternia - Will look into... Reviews on ANN medium.
School Rumble - Licensed
Mahou Sensei Negima - Will look into... Reviews on ANN medium to low
Final Fantasy VII: Last Order - Unlikely, it is an OVA, and requires an understanding of FF7.
Koi Koi Seven - Unlikely, reviews on ANN low to very low.
He Is My Master - Will look into... Reviews on ANN are medium to high.

Added: RizelMine - Candidate

Thursday, February 16, 2006

What do you want to see next?

With Suzuka ending today, and Pita Ten starting on Monday, there is room for one other anime on Ani-Pock!

So, what would you like to see? Please remember that the suggestion must be an UNLISENCED anime. How can you check if one is lisenced or not? Run a search on

Please post your suggestions in the comments section of this post. No registration required.

Once I have some suggestions, I'll do a bit of research and put the best ones up for a vote by way of a poll.

Pockyfully yours,


Sunday, February 12, 2006

Mark your calendars for Pita Ten!

Mark your calendars! Pita Ten will be starting on Monday, Febuary 20th, 2006 (Also known as Presidents day Holiday in the US!) on Ani-Pock! See you then!


Saturday, February 11, 2006

Digi Charat

Just to clear things up, there will be no more episodes of Digi Charat. I had only ten files to begin with, even though there are suposidly 200 some odd episodes. The last epiosde you saw was actually the Digi Charat movie.

But ending Digi Charat does make way for Pita Ten. I have two midterms this week, but on presidents day weekend, I will be able to set up Pita Ten for the normal bi-weekly showings.


Drop me a line!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday 2/3

Hi all. Sorry for the late anime update. Everything is alive and kicking now.

Thanks to Markus from Germany for emailing me to remind me. Yesterday I had 8 hours of classes so I was pretty much toasted. Please email me in the future should I forget using this email form:

Also, the cbox (the chatbox) has had its password stolen and changed. Banning people for no reason is not fair. Also, your change will make the chatbox unusable due to the lack of access to watchers and myself. Creating a new cbox will not solve this problem because there is too much code to change on all the pages. Please if you are the person who stole and modified the password, please contact me using the above form.

Pockfully yours,


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