Monday, September 05, 2005

Sick =(

Hey guys. I've come down with a fever. It peaked at 103 degrees but I've managed to keep it around 101 for the last two days. Being sick really sucks =(. Site updates will continue, but for those in Pocky World, I will not be able to work on avatars, add things to the map or be in the chat room.

Regarding ad pop ups they are not ads I put on my page. They appear becuase I use their services. For example, the hit tracker/counter puts one up I think. The chat box also puts one up. So there should be only two. On my Mac I don't see any of them becuase Safari has pop-up blocker. Since Internet Explorer doesn't have one, try the popular FireFox browser! But you will have to re-install Quicktime.
And if you find anything interesting on the web, be sure to email me! I'll get to it eventually. Thanks.

**Note on the email form: Please provide a real email address if you want me to reply. Sometimes I write replies and they bounce back because people type fake emails =(

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