Thursday, September 15, 2005

Thursday Update

Well well! We have made it to Thursday it seems. Another usual set of updates:

Full Moon Episode 35
Mahoraba Episode 2

Remember to check to calendar for when the next update will occur. Otherwise you could think of updates happening every 3 days.

I also added the Mahoraba intro MP3. You can find it on the Mahoraba page.

The Green Green OVA can still be found here .

And now for some randomness around Berkeley...

Apparently things are too expensive around the university, so Coca Cola decided to put HALF sized cans of coke. These things are better suited for the airlines I'd think.

Oh and would you like some "Fruity Nuggets? with that? Man Safeway needs to hire some more creative people. Anyone know of an "anime" cereal?

As always, drop me a line!

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