Sunday, October 23, 2005

M Udpdate- Hello Kitty takes to the Air!

Check it out! Its a Hello Kitty airplane! And what do we have in Mr.Kitty's hand? Pocky!!! Ok fine the pocky wasn't there, I just had to photoshop it cuz his hand was sticking out. But its nice to know that the next time you fly Eva Air (like to Taiwan) you could be lucky enough to get a Hello Kitty autograph!!!

The usual stuff:

Full Moon wo Sagashite Episode 47 ONLINE
Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ Episode 14 ONLINE
Tsuabasa Chronicles Epsiode 7 ONLINE

The art contest keeps going! Keep em coming - contest ends October 31. View all enteries.

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Links plucked by Pocky:

1. If you like Family Guy, I think you'll like this clip. Funny!

2. Do you remember the "All your base are belong to us" flash? Well some people have managed to pair it with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody!

3. Ok as we know, beer ads are awesome. This one is REALLY awesome. It takes evolution into account!!

4. Ani-pock HQ (ie my dorm room) is located near San Fransisco. Guess what someone did with the city? They modeled it out of yummy Jello!!

5. Have you ever wondered what 1 quitillion pennies looks like? its um.. HUGE!

6. This jacket has 40 hidden pockets...and a "Built in Personal Area Network". Grab one before the terrorists buy them out.

7. Whoever designed this bathroom is perverted. o.O

8. Driver's ED 101: NEVER RUN A RED LIGHT (even though the yellow one means speed up XD). Serriously.

9. Compare your height to other famous people with this nifty little flash.

10. This modified version of the Google front page brings in more fucionality and a Mac OS X "Dock" feel.

11. Okay this thing is supposed to be a couch. Its made of stuffed crocidile plushies. The price tag? Only $11,350... o.O

12. Ever drive by a big rig on a school bus and make the hand signal for the dude to blow the horn? Well if you did it to this car, you'd be best to cover your ears!!

Whew that was a lot of links! Time to get back to my 6 page paper. See ya guys on Thursday.

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