Thursday, November 10, 2005

M Update - Lizards and Girls!

Ok now this video is funny. Its probably a very good example of what Japanese TV we are all missing out. In this clip, a musical group known as Morning Musume (They were once the "Pocky Girls") are pitted against the lizard. Each of them is wearing a block of meat on their head and they let the lizzard go.... XD

The usual stuff.

Full Moon wo Sagashite Episode 52 [FINAL EPISODE] ONLINE
Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ Episode 19 ONLINE
Tsuabasa Chronicles Epsiode 12 ONLINE

Note on Full Moon:
Because this is the last episode, you can download the full screen file by right clicking here and choosing "Save as..." and play it back! (software)

Art Contest News!

I'm sorry but I really need 1 more day. I'm going to increase the number of prizes. So basicly there will be multiple mini prizes and one grand prize. Sorry!! If only midterms didn't exsist...


1. Keeping in theme with lizards versus other things, here is a Sony Aibo VS Lizard clip.

2. This guy can really play the Mario theme on guitar!! Really sounds like it!

3. Japan's National YO YO contest winner.

4. Japan's Robot Sumo competition. These little things are fast!

5. This mom delivers 16th child, and wants to have MORE!! =o

6. Tiny walking/dancing robots! Cool!!

7. This scientist says swaying those bam bam sticks at basket ball games together can screw the guy throwing the free throw.

8. Evil Hello Kitty Paintings! Think Starwars + Hello Kitty...

9. Forget RingTones, get SmellTones!

10. Cool vending machines coming in 2009 that will make a statue of you!

11. Finally, this Sony commerical made by a 18 year old is AMAZING!!!!

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At 12:59 PM, Anonymous nevo said...

that lizzard clip is just awesome! funniest ever! made my day!
(i'm after 9 hours of consecutive programming, so every thing even remotely interresting is... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... awesome) (thinking is also hard write now)


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