Sunday, November 06, 2005

M Update - Return of the Links

Hehe. Berkeley hosted AnimeDestiny on Saturday. Which is like a small anime convention. About 400 peeps or so. I made this image and then was gonna slap it on the back of my shirt. Butttttt my tape wouldn't hold it. =( So I took one of my GIANT pocky sticks, (Glico sent me 4 of them, they are like those yellow BAM BAM sticks used at baseketball games) and went with that. I actually ran into a guy I knew from a web chat. XD If you're in the SF area let me know!

The usual stuff.

Full Moon wo Sagashite Episode 51 (Second to last episode!!) ONLINE
Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~ Episode 18 ONLINE
Tsuabasa Chronicles Epsiode 11 ONLINE

Art Contest News!

The art contest has ended! The winner will be announced THIS Thursday (11/10/05). I've been shifting through all the entries and I must say great work guys! View all enteries.

Links are BACK!
Yes, my math midterm is over so I have time to crawl the web...

1. Send yourself an email time capsule! You can choose 1 year, 5 10 or even 20. Hope Forbes is still around then! Send me one tooooo.

2. Check out this PS2 game. Its called "Magically Adhesive Ball of Garbage." I want to play!!
3. This clock tells you the time on a white board. It draws a circle over an hour. Cool idea!

4. OMG this sandwich has 30,000 calories. (but it only costs $47?)

5. Giant drinking birds. Like the toy that bends over...but GIANT.

6. This thing is really cool. This guy attaches this "parasite" to a subway train and it projects stuff onto the wall as the train goes.

7. ack the iPod family.

Bonus! Video!
Below you will find the "Fish Fight" song and dance. At AnimeDestiny the moderator was teaching people how to the dance and I have to say she was much better at doing it than these weird do freaks (who happen to be the actual people). Anyways its funny watching them in their fishy suits! Click the image belowwwww!

Lastly, Meyume says "MIAH, BNAMSP" (Post in the comments section what you think this acronym stands for) and she gives you these images:

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