Monday, February 27, 2006

New Anime Series Released! Rizelmine!

Well well well! Hasn't it been a busy time at Ani-Pock! Exciting to say the least...

To recap: Last Monday, Pita Ten was launched. Yesterday was the 1st aniversary of Ani-Pock and today, Rizelmine begins!

Please note that Rizelmine is oficially tagged as Mature. But I would have to say this is partly misleeding. ANN tagged it such because it has many suggestive scenes. But as I pointed out in a previous post, its not like TV is any different.

So if you'd like, jump into the anime now!

Otherwise, I have this silly little poll for you =)


Update: Added Rizelmine Theme Music. Just click on the MP3 button on the Rizelmine page.

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At 1:05 PM, Anonymous DKong1026 said...

Nice poll, but I wonder who actually spends 4-5 hours a day

And woot for Rizelmine, I'll watch ep1 eventually...

At 5:19 PM, Anonymous Ryoko said...

Haha, I want my props! JK! XD And hey! I spend 4 hours on the computer! 2 on a site here... hehe... and 2 on anime, draw, and games and flashes! Woohoo for Rizzlemetoes! XD TTYL Pawkeh!

At 4:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your stuff it's so good but i think u should have more Rizelmine and this place will be a hit i tell me thank u.:)


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