Saturday, March 11, 2006

SA Update - "Different" Japanese Inventions

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Today on Japanese Culture: "Different" Japanese Inventions
Today we are going to look at some of those great Japanese inventions that just didn't make it. And first off with...

Subway chin rest!! This is real life saver for all those subway rides you'll be taking in Japanese! Allthough from what I know, Japanese subway trains are usually crowded and FAST moving. so thats probably why this product didn't suceed =D Next we have a slightly more useful invention...

Subway head support!! This is a problem I always have on airplanes. You start to fall asleep, your head tilts and then you wake up! Now I have no idea what that sign on her head says. Maybe it says "Wake me up when we get to the stop..." or maybe it says " Me > You". Who knows!! Some one help us!

Ok now this one is pretty useful huh? I think the reason it didn't make it is probably because the side parts don't fold well, and in high wind it probably doesn't do well either. Time for some Panchooos. Next up, getting hungry?

Have some bread using your handy dandy stick-o-butter! Or wait is that my glue stick... Theses are all really good ideas, you'd just feel awkward using them. Now what if you didn't want to eat toast...

Nooooodles! But they are hot =( Thankfully we have this noodle cooler. I think they'd make your chopsticks too heavy though... not to mention the possibility of droping the fan in the soup and making a nice mess. Speaking of messes, don't you wish you always had a napkin when you needed it?

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Thanks to CP for helping to find these thingies!

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At 6:50 PM, Anonymous Kamisori said...

YaY! I was waiting for an update to appear!
Thank you!
I've seen some of these before...
The fan on the Chopstick I haven't seen... I imagine it could be quite messy to the person beside you :P

At 11:12 AM, Blogger Pocky said...


I was posting on gaia about the chopstick one and some people say they actually HAVE them!!!

At 11:22 AM, Blogger Ryoko said...

Hahaha i'd want the tissue one cause C'MON! ITS A FREAKIN HAT!!!! MUAHAHHA! I'd soooooo run around with that on! Forget Hansel and Gretal with breadcrumbs, TISSUE IS THE BEST!

At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Kamisori said...

Maybe I should join this Gaia thing.
Sounds like it could be interesting.

At 5:10 AM, Blogger paulrus said...

I still think this is やらせ...
やらせ (yarase) means: fake situation or prearranged performance.

The hat says:

西荻窪    多謝

(I am sleeping right now.)

(Please wake me up the station that is written below.)

西荻窪 (Nishiogikubo)
(A town in Tokyo - 15 minutes from Shinjyuku by train.)

(Many thanks.)

I don't think Japanese people would wear this kind of stuff other than by やらせ...

Greetings from - we love Ani-Pock!


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