Sunday, March 12, 2006

SU Update - Comix by CP and AF

Ah Sunday, the day of homework.

Today we are going to be showing some awesome comics drawn by CP and AbbyForever (AF) about the King of Pocky World (me!) and the Queen, Meyume... Sorry its going to be random, the Pockers from PockyWorld would understand...

Ok so this image will be representative of me. The artists would like for me to point out the uber simplified body. ^.^'''

I don't remember how but the conversation got to eggs last night. That's Meyume on the left with the crosshatched strange red mark on her face. Artists comment: husband and wifey duel.


More breakfast scenes. This one drawn by AF !

Um thats cottage cheese. Only some Skype people will understand that. A few of the Pockers including CP and AF like to do audio chat. But on skype when it messes up, Meyume says it sounds like cottage cheese. CP didn't quite understand that so she drew up this. =D

Don't ask me how to we got to talking about laundry -.-'

It happens!!! Allthough my eyes don't get that big. Oh wait I really need to check my laundry right NOW!

"Meeting Uncle Teenlink for the first time."

AF said this was a mash up of me and domokun -.-'''

Sankyou to CP and AF for the drawings!!! Meyume and I loved them! There are more but I have 135 items on my desktop TT_TT. Very hard to find stuff...

Pocky over and out

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At 11:19 AM, Blogger Ryoko said...

HAHAHA omgomgomg HAHAHAH *breathes in and out* ehe...ehe...EHEHEHEHEHE! *wheezes* okay...that was... special.... heehee

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Abbyforever said...

^^ That was fun last night! Sadly, it led to all the people you guys (Ryoko, Meyume, Pocky, CP) heard in the background make fun of me. That's a long story...
But it was fun, fun, it was fun. ^^ I love the little simplified body I drew! And although Pocky made a pretty short paragraph about the cottage cheese, I still don't get it...
Oh well. Ha ha ha. I love the one about Poyuke and Teenlink. XD At first, I thought it said "unde" instead of "uncle".
Oh yeah... and... Thanks Pocky for keeping your promise! ^^


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