Monday, April 24, 2006


Hey guys!

Added something to Ani-Pock Express...

Live JPoP radio! Its right above the LiveChat. Just hit the little play button!

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At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Kamisori said...

Nice add on :)
Mostly seems to be anime themes, which I'm sure most people here would prefer.

I'm a big fan of the... I guess you could call it... "Old School" music.
X-Japan, GLAY, L'Arc~en~Ciel... Stuff like that...

Here's a fun fact: "As a side note, Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has said that he is a big fan of X Japan, which has helped create his image as a different type of politician more in touch with average Japanese citizens."

And on a sad note: Don't forget May 2nd... :( Hideto Matsumoto or hide as he was known... died on May 2nd, 1998 :( Which pretty much ended the plans to resurrect X in 2000 :(
I wonder how much I can write here?
Let's try more... short things...

GLAY's name was made playing off the word gray. They wanted to play a mix of music between Rock (Black) and PoP (White).

L'Arc~en~Ciel name comes from French meaning The Arc in the Sky or Rainbow.
They are One of the more popular bands that have even debuted in the USA.

I think I'll just stop there... I could go on and on.. :P

At 2:46 PM, Blogger Rachel said...

I just want to say thanks for everything! I love the anime you put up! Its awesome! THANK YOU!!!


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