Tuesday, April 11, 2006

TU Update - Video: Godzilla versus everyone else

Okay guys, since this is the Japan Weblog, it is only fitting that should I,Pocky, come across a video with Godzillia in it, I must share it.

So behold, Godzilla versus everyone else in...

"The Ultimate Showdown!"


Some Godzilla "Facts":

- His iconic design (a charcoal-colored monster-like figure with small pointed ears, rough bumpy scales, powerful tail, and bony colored dorsal fins shaped like maple leaves).

-He is virtually indestructible, highly resistant to all modern weaponry.

-He can release a powerful atomic energy beam, usually blue but in some films red, from his mouth (which is ominously signalled when his dorsal fins glow/flash in the same color as the atomic beam). (Wikipedia)

Some Cool Godzilla pictures!

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