Wednesday, April 12, 2006

WE Post That is NOT 2 Senteces Long! (by CP!)

Hi guys! It's CP again! ^^
I now go by 3 other names, figure 'em out yourselves!

There's a couple of things you should know by now (at least).

The little kitty on the corner of the nanaca crash page is clickable, that one in a full collection so look out for more because they are going to start rampaging ani-pock soon enough :3. Each of these little clickables will lead to a surprising end!

About Supporting Ani-pock

If you don't want to lose this anime, these flashes and all this fun stuff. Please support ani-pock by telling all your friends about the site! Also for Windows users, consider switching to Mozilla Firefox©. Its free, faster and alot safer than Internet Explorer!! It also rendres this website better! Ani-pock, while fun, is an expensive thing to keep up!

Texas Cosplays!

Time for some good old-fashion cosplay! Grab your Naruto headband or kunai. These people speciallize in cosplays. And they'd like to share with you the amazing productions of These are very fun videos you might enjoy to watch, over, and over again. (one in particular has a slight PG rating).

This is a japanese robot. A tea serving one at that!
Freaky looking eh?
Yeah, well it is!

This is a robot that helps the elderly.
Note: this one's not freaky-looking ^^

So there you have it, cosplay team and two helpful robots! So now I'll say it.

CP over and out ^^.

Pocky's Note:

Hey thanks CP! And check out this drawing CP made last night:

And now some art by you guys on the drawing board!

Go to the Drawing Board w/LiveChat Now!

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At 7:54 PM, Anonymous AbbyForever said...

" Please support ani-pock by telling all your friends about the site! " Says the one who whacked my with a fish when I tried to give the link to some other friends. =P


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