Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Anime Review - "Gakuen Alice" by Rin!

Hiiiiii! This is Rin! ^-^ *waves franctically* Anyway, I am here today to tell you all about an anime that I have been watching. It's taken awhile to see what I have seen of it, because the subbing on this series is going pretty slow, but I highly recommend it, especially to the girls here. (I never watch anime dubbed. *cringes*)

This anime is called "Gakuen Alice" (gakuen means school in Japanese) and it's about a 10 year old girl named Mikan who gets torn from her best friend Hotaru when Hotaru transfers into the Alice school. "Alice" in this story stands for any special talents or powers that certain individuals possess which kinda makes them "superhuman". Anyway, whoever is found to have an "alice" ends up at this Academy. The genre of this anime is comedy, but it's also really cute too! ^.^ So go ahead and follow Mikan's adventure to find her friend Hotaru and see what surprises lie ahead for Mikan when she discovers something important about herself.

You know you want to click the link! XDDD

Gakuen Alice Ep.1 Pt. 1

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