Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chikyuu's Post!

Hiya everyone, Chikyuu sent me 4 AMVs that she wanted to share with you all: So here it is in her own words with the links.

Chibi Lovers!
1. Cute Japanese song for chibi lovers, and people who are high on sugar... ^^

Japanese David Bowie!
2. Cool Japanese Rock song that reminds me of David Bowie... Dunno why.... Oh well... ^^

Save me from Ani-Emo!
3. Very strong American Rock Song, good for punk peoples, and for uplifting when you are having an emo moment... and/or crazy people in demon form... >>;

(Animes, 1 and 2, Rozen Maiden. Number 3, Cowboy Bebop.)

4.)Last, but not Least by far!
(Song, Suppuration core, by KOTOKO) (Anime, Kannazuki no Miko)

I really liked the 4th one, if I remember correctly, but I promised Chikyuu I'd post these, so please enjoy them. At least this keeps Rin from searching for more AMV's although speaking of which I know 2 really good ones....*Rin's bunneh sidekick slaps her* I mean...I know nothing of AMV's. >XD (And yes I am crazy :3)

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