Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Daruma! =O

Meyume here!

Well, since in the beggining I had made a audio recording, and I needed to use the secret flash player, but didnt have the skills to get it on here! XD
So, its a bit late, but this was for the new years, and I hope you enjoy (might be choppy/gross?), and thank you to Pocky who helped me with the code for nooooooooooo costs whats-so-ever. =3

INFORMATION(that Meyume didnt mention):
Daruma Dolls
Okiagari Koboshi (Tumbler Doll)

One of the most popular talismans of good luck in modern Japan is the armless, legless, and eyeless Daruma doll, or tumbler doll. Sold at temple festivals and fairs, the dolls are typically made of papier-mache, and painted red. When knocked on its side, the doll pops back to the upright position (hence "tumbler" doll, or "okiagari koboshi"). The doll comes in many sizes, normally a bit larger than a basketball. While most of the Daruma dolls are male, some Japanese localities have female daruma ("ehime daruma" or "princess daruma").

Update: Kami sent in his Daruma!

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