Monday, January 29, 2007

I get bored sometimes...>> XD

Hiyo!~ Rin here. Okies, so I am not so sure about the quality of this, but I have been fighting my computer all weekend equipped with a..a..SPORK because it's been giving me trouble. T~T Anyway, I have quite a collection of wallpapers on my computer at home and I got a brilliant idea to do a slideshow of the Ani-Pock girls. I don't think I got every girl from here in the slideshow, but I included everyone I knew, at least I think I did. ^^; Forgive me if the pictures seem pixelated, they looked awesome before they were uploaded. XD There are 28 girls featured in this slideshow. <33333>

Watch it on Google Video for better resolution: To see me more shiny! Just make sure on the video toolbar to select viewing options in the original size otherwise you're all fuzzy. >XD

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