Saturday, February 24, 2007

Know Your Giant Robots! Third Barrage!

Day three of the contest! Today's entry comes courtesy of LordZaku He's a major proponent of this little quiz and Gundams, you know.
Seems like an easy one? Guess again!

This suit deployed in UC 0079, was operated by a large faction, and appeared in a few episodes of Gundam.
Note: This giant robot is not in the picture.

Okay give me the whole name! Do you know it? If no one knows the whole name, part of it will do... I guess.

The robot in the last post was Deucalion from Kiddy Grade. Rin was the only person to give the correct answer, and virtually no one debated the topic of what constitutes a "giant robot".
Woohoo and ya-hoo!

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