Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Love-love Day(s)

Hey Ani-Pock, its February! And with February, for many cultures, is Valentines Day ! =O Now, in America, both boys and girls give chocolates, stuffed things, balloons, and such. Now, in Japan, as I'm sure many of you know, they have 2 different days to show your feelings for those around you!

First, for the girls, they give chocolates (normally) and other red-pink-white products, to the boys of interest. This takes place on February 14th, whereas the boys show the returning feelings on White Day, March 14th! n_n

Yes, you give chocolate to the ones that you care about, but sometimes the girls might give chocolates and presents to a boss, colleague, or boy-friend that you have no interest in what’s so ever. That’s called 'Giri-choco' (obligation chocolate)! True love chocolate, is called 'Honmei-choko.'

So, boys and girls of Ani-Pock, who have romantic-ish feelings, as I know many of you do (said in Podcasts, and noticed by the people of Ani-Pock), remember that you can go the American way for Valentines day, the Japanese way, or any other! Be prepared ahead of time, cause time literally does run right past you!

Heres some valentines meat! XD

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