Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pants Pankuro パンツぱんくろう

This is “Pantsu Pankurou (パンツぱんくろう),” a segment on “Okaasan to Issho (おかあさんといっしょ)” (Together with Mom), a long, long-running kid's show on NHK. =3

It’s like a toilet training themed segment. The main character, Pankurou has figured out the toilet (Toilet-sama and Kamiko-san (paper) are two other main characters), and now he wears a pair of tightey whiteys.

Here are some phrases to listen in on:

Densha (”den den densha”) = train
Dou ya = How’s that/ whatya think of that? (Kansai dialect)
Nan ya = What’s that/ whatrya doin? (Kansai dailect)
Jama ya de (jama da yo) = You’re in the way (Kansai dialect)
Socchi koso = You’re the one in the way

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