Friday, March 30, 2007

Ani-dubbing, episode 2

Alright everyone, after reviewing what I could find I have decided to jump at Mahoraba because, for lack of a better term, it was the only one that made sense in terms of characters and style. I am going to review it once more. If any of you have another idea, speak now. In either case I would prefer it if I did not have to script it myself. Not that I'm lazy, but I just don't want to. Mahoraba has 30+/- characters in it. I'm not sure if they all speak. I suppose we may start tryouts now. If you have would like a specific character, state it at the beginning of your try out.

Format will go...
Name(ap name)
Character tryout(if there is one)
and a voice sample of some basic talking.

I will do my best to judge which character it fits. I cannot make any promises as to getting the part you want. depending on your voice you may have to play a character of the opposite gender so please do not be angry if this is the case. Seeing as how Mahoraba has the whole multiple personality thing going on, I may have each personality voiced by a different person. Please comment on this and please try out. Even if it's for a small part.

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