Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Make words mean something~!

Welcome to the first ever post from Jent. :o

I sincerely hope that nothing that is said here is taken personally, and I hope it does not come off as "holier-than-thou" or condescending. It's simply Jent sharing her thoughts.

I realize, that a lot of people that come to this site are still in high school, or not even there yet. Not to say that any of you are just a bunch of kids. Sometimes, I wish that people had let me have some insight from their own experiences. It would've made things easier for me.

I know, that here on the internet, perhaps, the only way to truly express yourself is through words. But, I feel, that words are starting to lose their meaning, and to me, that makes them less special. For example, when you say that you hate someone, that's a really STRONG word. But people throw it around like it's nothing. The same can be said for love. If you really love someone, it is a serious emotion. And when you tell someone you love them, think for a moment, about how that person is going to percieve it.

Of course, words are just words, and they can't actually hurt you physically. But, I think that it's possible to do a lot of damage with them, when considering another's feelings.

The only reason, that the words, "idiot", "retard" and "imbecile" are negative words, is because we as humans, made them that way. Years ago, they were simply medical terms, but people misused them, and turned them into something offensive.

Since we are a small community, and there are a lot of people I see on here that are dating or consider themself in a relationship with someone online, many of us, right here on the site, take a moment, and really think about what you say to that person. You may use affectionate terms casually, because you feel strongly about that person. But consider what thoughts you are really putting into that person's mind. If you really care about them, it is probably better to not rush things. You have your whole life ahead of you, and there will be a lot of people that will come in and out of your life.

The same goes for insults. Believe me, I've been guilty of them myself. There are just times, that someone is being so ignorant or disrespectful, I blurt things out that I really didn't mean. I've probably used every curse word known in the English language, atleast once. I'm not saying for one moment, that it was right. I'm owning up to my mistakes. Surely, no one is perfect.

All that I am asking, is that we all show each other a little bit of respect, when it comes to the feelings of one another.

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