Monday, April 09, 2007


Okies, hello this is Rin! As you all know, or don't know I have been working on Ani-Pock AMV Slideshows gathering anime pictures to represent our members. I have made one for the girls already, but I am making a second one so I can fit more in so send me an email at or leave a comment here with your name so I can be sure to involve you. I know guys, -_-; yours is coming along too, but I admit it's much slower for it's harder to find anime pics of just boys that aren't well yaoi or whatnot, but I do have a small collection gathered. When I do these slideshows I try to get unknown anime characters because it makes it that much more special, but I don't know I might just have to break down and use popular anime characters. *sighs* Oh and if you have pictures yourself feel free to email it to me and I'll make sure to put them in. Thanks beforehand for all your help. So far I owe thanks to Jent~Sama, Angel, and Rohanu. They have been the BIGGEST HELP! *smiles* Soooo *huggles* I thank you three much, much, much!

Oh and Happy Early Easter!! :3


**EDIT: Leave a small description of yourself too. Thanks! ^^

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