Thursday, April 12, 2007


YouTuber hiddindragon08 says:
“omg.. roll up a bit of cute and then lace it with a bit of speeed.. Give it a mountain dew and kick it in the balls, tell it to recite the entire song with one breath as fast as [it] can and finally capture the ADD with some shiny objects and you've got this intro.. omg.”

For those of you who have caught or got caught in the hype of the brand new anime series Lucky
Star, you may have already heard this hyperactive and loop inducing opening theme.

I have heard very few if any negative comments towards this song... aside from my own. XP
Pretty much it's been, "LOLLZZ!!111!! I loooped this 413775264932 timez today XDDDDDD1!!!!!1!"
But anyway, if half as many people get a kick out of this song as I think will, that will still be a lot! Next Hare Hare Yukai, maybe?
You wish!

Well, without further ado here is "Motteke! Seifuku":

I like this version XD:

The last one has won some considerable YouTube viewing awards

Now, I got to... I dunno... club myself over the head a few times. Enjoy!

I will try really hard not to somehow or another relate another post to Haruhi for a while... ^_^;

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