Monday, April 09, 2007

Lucy's sunday post ABOUT JPOP

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My sunday my sunday my sunday my sunday D: <
GOOOODDD SUNDAY! Becuase like, everyone knows that sundays are boring and stuff, so i claimed sunday to post. NO ONE ELSE POST ON SUNDAY.
Todaaaay, i'm gonna show you new music comming out in japan. Well, one group in particular, (sp?) AKB48. Becuase they're my favourite (or one of em) and i have all thier singles. Appart from this one, obviously, iit's not out yet.
On aprill the 18th, AKB48 will be releasing thier new single, and like the last single they released, it has a MEANING. O: A MESSAGE TO ALL JAPANESE GIRLIES. Last one was against child prostotution, and this time, it's agaisnt suicide. (Happy happy joy joy!) Rumor has it, (i say rumor becuase i have never seen a japanese girl kill her self infront of me) suicide is a big problem within japan, hence they had to sing against it. Scary no? Reminds me of the japanese film, SUICIDE CLUB (gasp, it's so goary you should watch it) but for some reason, SUICIDE SCARES ME LIKE THE ZOMBIES DO ON SCOOBIE DOO TO A LITTLE CHLD.

Watch it watch it watch it!
A tad about AKB48: AKB = akihabara, 48= 48 o_o the 48 is there becuase there wasss about 48 people in the group, split up into 3 groups (group A group B and group 4) but GOD KNOWS HOW MANY NOW. Thier first single was sakura no hanabiratachi, which was released on the 1st febuary last year. SO THEY'VE BEEN OUT FOR JUST OVER A YEAR, And are doing quite well! GO AKB48 :'D

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